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Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery(B.A.M.S. )

Ayurveda is a system of traditional medicine which is native to the Indian Subcontinent. Ayurveda provides both curative and preventive measures towards optimal physical, mental and spiritual well-being. The word 'Ayurveda' is derived from the ancient Indian language, Sanskrit. It literally means 'Knowledge of Life'. Ayurvedic medicine in India is considered as 'The Mother of all Medical Systems'. The academic study of this ancient form of medicine is known as 'Ayurvedacharya Degree' or 'B.A.M.S.'  B.A.M.S. is an abbreviated form of Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery. Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery is an Undergraduate Academic Degree awarded for a course or program in the field of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery. The duration of B.A.M.S Degree course is 5½ years, including 1 year of internship. Ayurvedic Education in India is presently monitored by the Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM), a Statutory Central Government body. At present there are about 154 recognized Under-graduate and 33 Post-graduate Ayurvedic Colleges in India. After a candidate has completed his B.A.M.S. from an accredited University, he is conferred the title of 'Ayurvedacharya' which means an expert in the understanding and practice of Ayurveda. The Course structure of Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery is combination of both the integrated systems of modern medicine and traditional Ayurveda. In Ayurvedic system of education, prevention of all types of diseases have a more prominent place, including restructuring of the patient's lifestyle to align with the course of nature and the 6 seasons, which will help with wellness. Ayurvedic study is also known as 'Alternative Medicine'. This type of alternative medicine courses are provided by various Institutes all over India. Some of the Institutes providing B.A.M.S. are University of Health Science - Vijayawada, Dr. MGR Medical University - Chennai, Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University - Nanded etc.Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery Subjects

Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery Subjects

  • Sanskrit.
  • Sharir Kriya.
  • Sharit Rachna.
  • Ashtang Sangreh.
  • Padarth Vigyan.
  • History of Ayurveda.
  • Rog Nidhan
  • Dravyaguna.
  • Rasshasrta & Baishiya Kalona.
  • Charak.
  • Kaumarbharitya.
  • Shalya Tantra.
  • Shalakya Tantra.
  • Prasuti Tantra.
  • Kayachikitsa .

Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery Specialisations

  • Kayachikitsa - Internal Medicine.
  • Shalya Chikitsa - Surgery.
  • Bala Chikitsa - Paediatrics.
  • Graha Chikitsa - Bhoot Vidya - Psychiatry.
  • Urdhvanga Chikitsa - Treatment of eyes, ears, nose, throat and head.
  • Damstra Chikitsa - Agad Tantra - Toxicology.
  • Jara Chikitsa - Rasayana- Gerentorology.
  • Vrishya Chikitsa - Vajikarana- Aphrodisiacs.

Advantages or Benefits of Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery

  • A person having a B.A.M.S. degree can practice anywhere in India. B.A.M.S. degree holders are eligible for registration in the Central/State government Ayurvedic boards. Their status is at par with any other medical graduates in India. They are eligible for appointments in Central or State Govt. Ayurvedic Medical Services.
  • Herbal Medicine is generally considered harmless as they are considered to have no side-effects. This makes the general populace go for Ayurvedic Medicine, thereby making this field as lucrative as other fields of medicine.
  • There is no dearth of Ayurveda Jobs. One can work in various roles in various medical set ups.
  • Ayurvedic Products have gained a lots of importance in foreign countries as well. Patients who have not got relief from their ailments from other fields of medicine are drawn to India seeking to get rid of their ailments. This has not only increased the importance of Ayurveda but it also has increased the employment of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery practitioners.

Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery Jobs

Ayurvedic medicine is gaining lots of importance owing to its 'No-Side Effects' Medicine and also because it is made up of almost organic matter. Ayurvedic Treatment has benefited many, some who where incurable by other types of medicine, get relief by consuming Ayurvedic medicines. There is virtually all type of Ayurvedic treatments available of a plethora of disease. Some of the most sought after treatments deals with Ayurvedic treatment for hair loss, Ayurvedic medicine for Weight Loss, psoriasis Ayurvedic treatment, Ayurvedic treatment for arthritis, Ayurvedic treatment for diabetes, Ayurvedic skin treatment, Ayurvedic treatment for paralysis. Various Ayurvedic Treatment Centre have mushroomed showcasing the popularity of this field. Ayurvedic spa treatments are the most popular one's, both among the local and foreign populace. Ayurvedic Treatments in Kerala are the most famous and are world renowned for both curative and leisure

Job Types

  • Ayurvedic Supervisors.
  • Consultants.
  • Kaya Chikitaka(Physician).
  • Medical Officer.
  • Nurse.
  • Nutrition Expert.
  • Production Manager.
  • Researcher.
  • Shalya Chikitaka (Surgeon).
  • Teacher.
  • Therapist.

Employment Areas

  • Health Centres.
  • Herbal Product Manufactures.
  • Hospitals.
  • Educational Institutes.
  • Medical Tourism.
  • Pancha Karma (Massage) Centres.
  • Private Practice.