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Bachelor in Computer Application (B.C.A)

BCA or Bachelor of Computer Applications is an Undergraduate Academic Degree which is awarded for a course or program in Computer Applications. It is one of the most popular Computer Science Courses in India, probably the most. It is also known as B.C.A. which is an abbreviated form of the Bachelor of Computer Applications. The duration of Bachelor of Computer Applications is 3-4 years, divided into a number of semesters which are generally 6 in number. The course provides sound practical skills addressing problems which arise from computer systems and applications. Owing to the wide popularity amongst the students various Computer Science Schools have come up offering Computer Science graduate programs at par with B.C.A.  B.C.A. can also be pursued through Distance Learning Programs by various Institutions.

Eligibility for BCA courses

Bachelor of Computer Science requires a candidate to have passed HSC (10 + 2) exam from any stream with English as passing subject with minimum 45% marks at 12th std.

BCA Specialisations

  • Computer Graphics.
  • Programming Languages.
  • Database Management.
  • Systems Analysis.
  • Word Processing.
  • Internet Technologies.
  • Accounting Applications.
  • Animation.
  • Music and Video Processing.
  • Personal Information Management.

Bachelor of Computer Applications Subjects

  • Computer Fundamentals.
  • C programming.
  • System Analysis & Design.
  • Web Design & Internet Programming.
  • Organizational Behaviour.
  • Visual Basic.
  • Computer Laboratory & Practical work.

Who can and Who should pursue BCA Degree

Candidates who are obsessed with computers, what they do and how they do, so-called 'Computer Freaks' are very worthy of acquiring B.C.A. Those candidates who want to have sound knowledge in key areas of computer science or industrial computing should go for this Computer Science degree. There are candidates who love computers but are limited by their knowledge of the computers can also benefit from the course not to mention the lucrative job offers that will come up.

Advantages or Benefits of Bachelor of Computer Applications Degree

  • The course provides a sound academic base from which an advanced career in Computer Application can be developed.
  • Bachelor of Computer Application Students has a bright future in the IT field as they can take up ample jobs as Programmers and grow to become project managers.
  • B.C.A. also paves way for a post graduation in the relevant field which is always preferred.
  • B.C.A. provides a substantial understanding of concepts in key areas of Computer Science.

Bachelor of Computer Applications Jobs

Fast growing information technology and communication systems have become critical components of almost every company’s strategic plan. Companies which want to take advantage of the new information technologies and communication systems require expert Professionals, who can apply computer science principles to solve problems produced by the interface between business and technology.

Employment Areas

  • Banks.
  • Consultancies.
  • Computers Equipment Manufacturers.
  • Desktop Publishing.
  • Financial Institutions.
  • Government Agencies.
  • Insurance Providers.
  • Schools and Colleges.
  • Software Development Companies.
  • Security and Surveillance Companies.
  • System Maintenance.
  • Technical Support.
  • Traffic Light Management.

Job Types

  • Actuaries.
  • Chief Information Officer.
  • Computer Programmers.
  • Computer Training.
  • Computer Systems Analysts.
  • Computer Scientists.
  • Information Systems Manager.
  • Project Manager.
  • Systems Administrators.
  • Software Developers.
  • Software Publishers.