Educational Services

More than 600 courses in over 864 universities and 40,026 colleges in India offer all the students mentioned above, a large number of options of courses and colleges for doing graduation once they finish class XII. However, there are several new programs being launched and changes that are being brought about in the college admission processes both by the government and the universities frequently. Some of them are already under implementation. This is in addition to the many complexities and issues already posed by the variations in the admission processes across colleges and universities in India.

This results in significant challenges that all students face when they seek college admissions.

It therefore becomes important that the students are provided guidance and support in choosing the right courses and colleges, and following the process to gain admission in the one that best matches their performance, potential and preferences.

AdmissionMantra supports students in this endeavor with its college admissions guidance and support service.

The Advantages that AdmissionMantra provided to the student and parents includes

  • The service provides a single source of reliable and comprehensive information on careers, courses and colleges
  • The changes in admission criteria, terms and conditions are closely tracked by experienced experts
  • Short-listing of colleges utilises deeper knowledge about them and the quality of education they provide.
  • Solutions keep not just cost of education in mind but also employability.